Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Free Reading for the Blind and Visually Impared

Blind Child listening to a Learning Ally 2.0 Audiobook Player 

According to the World Health Organization About 285 million of the world's people are visually impaired 39 million being completely blind. I have always lived by the philosophy that every person should be able to enjoy everything this life has to offer. People who have physical disabilities and life altering impairments should not be left out. I could not  imagine what it would be like to live without my sight, so many things that I enjoy doing require me to use it especially what I love doing most of all, reading.

A few month's back I posted on the joy's of audiobooks for the busy person, and introduced readers to Amazon's Audible.com. I to have found myself listening to audiobooks from time to time. They are more expensive than normal paperbacks or ebooks, but less time consuming. What I have noticed about these new technological wonders however is that I don't need to use my eyes.

many will agree with me that being sequestered in a story gives you sight in your inner eyes. You see the landscapes created by talented Authours and beautiful voices and it is one of the most satisfying experience one can have.

Unfortunately not everyone has the money to spend on these audiobooks. People who are visually impaired often spend all the money they have on health expenses and other important amenities, while things like reading and entertainment take a back seat.

Today however, they are non-profit many organizations, that can give those who desire it with not only audiobooks, but books in Braille as well.   Today you can make a difference support these organizations listed below and gift someone with the joy of reading today!


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