Thursday, 31 May 2012

Only Bajan Rosa & The Obsidian effect #1

Hello Peoples

It is I Rosa, yes this is where I make conversation with you the public! Right. Now I shall get to the matter at hand. Did somebody say Obsidian? Yip someone did, in fact thousands of people have screamed it to the top of their lungs all over the internet. The question is, "is it really that good?"
   I the Bajan Rosa am on a mission to find out! One of my good friends has bought me an ebook of the EXPENSIVE Obsidian (okay so 6.79 isn't so bad, but when one is accustomed to buying 2.99 and under ebooks one can have sticker shock from the more popular titles.) I am very certain that I will find something to like about this book but will it cause me to go into fits of girly squealing, only time will tell.

Truthfully I am quite looking forward to reading the book, unfortunately that experiment will have to go in increments as I read, because as you would know if you have visited my reading list page, I have 11 books to review in the month of June and I intend to reach that Goal! Also I will not review Obsidian only share my reactions with you until I reach the end!

Now on to the other stuff! I have started a blog on Wordpress. It is more of a public diary, and I care not who reads it! However if you would like to know more about me and my lovely life here on this lovely island you can visit and check it out!

That is all for today, remember tommorow I will be reviewing the book Freak so look out for that. Anywhos I shall chat with you all later!



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