Saturday, 19 May 2012

Hold your Breath

Author: Jenelle Jack Pierre
Genre: Y.A, contemporary
Age group: teen and up
Title: Before I breath
Rosa's Rating: 4/5


"When you're fifteen and somebody tell's you they love you you're going to believe them" (Taylor Swift)
 Before I breath by Jenelle jack Peirre is a YA novel that isn't afraid to show the world what can happen to a girl hungry for attention. Kalena Moore is fifteen she isn't a very good student, but she isn't the worst. Isaiah is a boy who she thinks isn't her type until he begins to treat her like the world and they end up doing the unthinkable. 
Little does she know  sex isn't all wine and roses, and soon she's late. Kalena must now live her life with a teenage pregnancy. A boyfriend who no longer treats her like the world and a social life that is falling appart. Will she be able to get through this? We'll just have to hold our breaths.

    I so much wanted to give this book a five rose rating, In all honesty and truth it deserves one it was moving and touching My problem with it is that it went far to fast, and ended much to quickly. I personally believe the chain of events was too in your face there but that is only my opinion.

Otherwise it was an awesome read.

As most of you know, if you've been to my about me page, you know that I live in Barbados. Well Jenelle Jack Pierre was born in Trinidad & Tobago another of our Caribbean Islands and I feel entitled to as we say " big her up"

Jenelle Jack Pierre was born in Trinidad and raised in Maryland. her parents encouraged her love of reading with lots of books

she started writing as a way to entertain myself, mostly poetry. she majored in Communication Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park and after college, she became a media researcher (radio) at a PR software company. Soon after that, she interned and studied writing at Johns Hopkins University.

Before I Breathe is her first YA novel.  she also writes contemporary short stories.

If you would like to learn more about this author or purchase her book please visit the sites below:


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