Saturday, 26 May 2012

Perks of the newbie blogger #1

Hey everyone!

It's me again! and today I'll be talking about the perks of being a newbie blogger!

   Bloggers and Reviewers have you ever had that feeling? You know the feeling you get when you know a book hasn't been released yet but you've got your hands on it! Yea that feeling makes you want to say to the whole world: I GOT AN ARC! I GOT AN ARC! ARE YOU JEALOUS! ARE YOU JEALOUS!

Yes I've felt like that as of late, being a reviewer is turning out to be very rewarding! I love the fact that I can review a book that only a few have yet to read, It makes one feel special!  That is why when an author or publisher offers me a book to review. I always make sure to finish the entire book no matter how hard it is to get through.

I believe that if someone gives you the opportunity to review their work, you should always give respect no matter how awful the book may be. They have selected you to tell the world about their work and you should feel special regardless. Even if you know you, and a couple hundred like you are reviewing the book.
Give respect to these people, writing is hard. All you have to do is read and give an honest opinion and how bad can that really be!

- Rosa Xxx


Lace and Lavender said...

I'm actually a newbie blogger myself, I only started blogging about a month ago; my blog is if you're interested. I've reviewed a couple of books so far and am currently in the process of reviewing a poetry collection for the first time. I totally agree with what you said about being respectful in reviews. I can think of no ruder thing than to be entirely disrespectful when writing a review and want to thank you for putting it out there that reviews should be respectful!

If you check out my blog & follow be sure to let me know & I'll follow back!

I really love your header btw; its simply marvelous!


Anonymous said...

I now follow you thank you for the nice review :)

Kayla said...

follow you! Here is my blog!

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