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A Great Big Yip for Jaguar Sun

Author: Martha Bourke
Genre: YA, Paranormal, Romance
Age group: Older teens, Young adults and Adults
Title: Jaguar Sun (#1 Jaguar sun)
Rosa's Rating: Fantastic 5/5

Have you ever read a book so good you actually had a physical reaction to it? Well I can say that's happen to me only a few times. Jaguar Sun was one of those few books and let me tell you when you read it you'll get chills.

Maya is a teenage girl who feel's out of place. She's Hispanic and can't speak or understand Spanish. She's convinced her Jock boyfriend loves the game more than he loves her and she's trying her best to forget the mother she no longer has, while keeping in contact with a loving Mayan Grandma, whose existence only reminds her father of the woman he lost.
If all that weren't enough, Maya is having dreams about a shadow animal that also stalks her in the day. As life continues for Maya it just gets more complicated, all of a sudden she is more important than ever to her native people. She and her friends must head off on a dangerous Adventure to complete a task that will change the world as we know it forever!

December 21st here we come!

I am a big fan of YA paranormal romance and have read several, they are so many to choose from.. This genre is a hard sea to dive into with so many books to compete with however Ms. Bourke has managed to create a debut novel with in a class of its own.

The characters, Maya, Matt, Grandma Rosa and the twins as well as all the others really made this book special to me. The romantic elements were perfect and Maya's witty dialogue throughout the book was very entertaining. There was also a lot  to be learned about the Mayan culture and the Spanish language. This is all my favorite books wrapped into one wonderful story.

If you are like me , you want to know a lot more about this book, More than I can tell you! the Author was kind enough to provide us with a short interview about her book:

                                           Author Interview

Martha Bourke

Bajan Rosa: The concept of this book is wild and wonderful. What inspired you?
 Martha: Thank you. Without a doubt, I was inspired by being an International Relations/Spanish double major in college. That led me to teaching Spanish Language and Culture for fifteen years. So, I have a genuine love for foreign cultures, people, and customs. Maybe I should have been an anthropologist! But, Spanish is the first foreign language I learned, and it’s still my favorite. I had wanted to write a YA novel with a strong Hispanic (or in this case Mayan) female protagonist for a long time. I did some deeper research on Mayan customs and never looked back. 

Bajan Rosa: Are you a fan of YA paranormal books and how does this reflect in your writing?
Martha: I am a HUGE fan of YA paranormal. I would say that it’s probably seventy-five percent of all the books I read. I think that reading the genre you write is a basic requirement for any author. it lets you see what’s out there, exposes you to other writing styles, and gives rise to new ideas. For me, it helps me with voice, keeps my imagination flowing, and lets me see what’s out there.

 Bajan Rosa:Can we expect more on this particular topic or was it a one time thing?
Martha: Jaguar Sun is the first book in the Jaguar Sun Series. At this point, I have 3-5 books 

Bajan Rosa:There was definitely a lot of research put into this book. Would you say the process was fun, or taxing and how?
Martha: Okay, you got me. I am a total research geek! I love it. Many times, I will only have an inkling of an idea in my head and it will all come together as I read on the topic. It’s fantastic. And it’s all been made easier with the Internet. Things like, “Is there a hospital in that town?” I don’t even begin to know how you could find that out without a million phone calls without having the Net. Going to where the book takes place is amazing as well. I hadn’t been to Mexico in ages, but it still helped. 

 Bajan Rosa: Lastly how soon can readers expect a new book from you?
Martha: Book 2 in the Jaguar Sun Series will be titled Jaguar Moon. It’s due out this fall.

There you have it, If you would like to learn more about This book and the author, or purchase a copy please head over to these websites.:

The Official webpage of the Jaguar Sun series
Martha's Blog 

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Martha Bourke said...

Beautiful site, Rose! Thanks so much for the wonderful review and interview! ♥

Anonymous said...

Thank you, It was my pleasure!

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