Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Perils Of A Newbie Blogger 3 (I am Titanium)

Hello everyone,

Yes it is that time again when I talk about myself and my problems. I don't have many currently, blogging is going great and I'm getting a fair amount of traffic, I just reached 1000 unique visitors and I'm stoked thank you all for visiting.

I'm working on Paranormal Poison though its going really slow. I may just ditch the project if it goes nowhere but I keep trying!

My page is starting to look like a book blog. I haven't changed the layout since last week and I'm proud! I have not much more to say i hope you are all having a really good time!

Though it's hard I keep finding inspiration!  here is one of my favourite songs. This one keeps me going!
Ok enjoy taaaa!


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