Friday, 25 May 2012

5 Roses for Five

Author: Christie L. Rich
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance YA
Age group: Teen
Title: Five (#1 Elemental Emnity)
Rosa's Rating: 5/5 for Five :)

Blurb: Sometimes, your life is crappy for a reason. Rayla Tate is a teenage girl, with dreams of going to college far, far away from her demanding life with her aunt and cousins. After all she's baby-sat them most of her life, doesn't she deserve a change? After Rayla's aunt refuses to let her go to college where she wants to, Rayla decides she dosen't need permission being 18 and all.

Little does she know, she is walking into a nightmare where she is the main attraction and prized possesion. You see Rayala is an elemental, one of the unique women who posses power over matter. Now she must never be alone lest she be taken, and she must try her best to avoid the Fea Lords who hunt her, at all cost. She finds  the beautiful Zach who she see's as a helper and maybe alot more, but is this human boy really what he seems?

Christie L. Rich's Five is a tale where Rayla learns the meaning of  action and consequence. I love a lot of things about this book, It flows well and the characters were very well portrayed. Ever single Lord was hot! Some of them good, some evil but all Hot!

The female characters (other than Rayla) were good too, the aunt was very believable and Rayla's reaction to her not allowing her to go away for college was what I'd do.

Overall The book was well written, If there were typos, or errors in syntax I did not see any and if you ask me that just goes to show how good the book was! If you are looking for a really good fantasy, with Romance and Fae this is the book for you.

Readers, Many of you have expressed to me how much you love to hear from the Authors. Well Christie has agreed to do an interview for you! You guys are lucky!

                                                   Author Interview
Christie L. Rich

Christie: Thanks so much for having me with you today!  I always love to do interviews, so I appreciate you asking me.

Bajan Rosa: It is always a pleasure to speak with an Author, so thank you! 

Bajan Rosa:  What do you like most about being an Author?
Christie: Creating new worlds.  There is nothing like submerging yourself into a world you do not know.  You explore with the characters and come to understand the workings of this new place right along with them.  It's exciting!

Bajan Rosa:  What was it like to create Five?
Christie:Fantastic! LOL. I've always loved to read, but this took the experience to a higher level than I thought possible.  Anything can happen while writing and that is a seduction all its own.

Bajan Rosa:  They are a lot of books about the Fae yours is unique how did you come up with it?
Christie:I've enjoyed stories about the fae my whole life. Faerietales are amazing, but I began to wonder if the fae had gotten a bad rap.  That's when I started thinking about them as people.  Some are good, and some not so much.

 Bajan Rosa:  Are there any characters you are especially fond of?
Christie: Fexlie-a little pixie that flitted into my mind on day on the way home from work.  She was such a strong character.  She was the one that introduced me to Rayla and the rest of the story flowed from there.  I will always have a special place in my heart to her for finding me.

Bajan Rosa:  Lastly When will the next book come out?
Christie: Genesis is near completion and I am hoping to release it by August.  The final book should be out around Christmas, but don't hold me to it.  LOL

There you go another great review!

                                            Author Bio
Christie L. Rich is a new and upcoming Author.  You can follow her on her blog, Or on twitter here, On Goodreads here, and to get your hands on her book you can either go to the top bar of this page and check out featured books, or, you can go here.


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