Saturday, 9 June 2012

Dark Matter Doubly Good (Upcoming Fun)

Author: Christie L. Rich
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance YA
Age group: Teen
Title: Dark Matter(#2 Elemental Emnity)

Blurb: Rayla's new life isn't turning out like she planned it to when she left for College that day. Now she is in the magical fae realm of Faeresia and must make a choice about who she would be bound to. Unfortunately for her her heart is split between two different guys.

On top of that, the man candy just keeps coming and soon she finds a piece she can not resist. Who will Rayla chose and how will it affect her life... oop interestingly mysterious ain't it

Ehemmmmmm. Ladies and Lads may I have your attention please. I have decided not to review this book\, I will only tell you that I enjoyed it very much and so will you! Now on to the Nitty gritty, Today I want to do something different for you guys.

If you have read the prequel to this book good for you! If not you must!!! Check out my review of the first book HERE. I have read both books and enjoyed them very much however I cannot see myself reviewing this book the way I want to without SPOILERS so I am not telling you a thing :P. If you are curious to see what happens to Rayla you can find the link to Amazon in the top widget. To get five there is an Amazon link in the bottom widget as well.

NOW Finally The Big News

Christie L. Rich has agreed to do a guest post here on my bolg, She'll be telling us a bit about her writing journey, and writing in general!
Lads and Ladies, you can expect the post sometime this week until then please be sure to spread the word!!!!



PS: My rating 5 Roses!


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