Monday, 4 June 2012

The Dilemma Of The Book Reviewer (Soft Heart? I Haz One!)

Soft Heart? I Have Haz One!

Greetings, please take note of the above picture. Do you know what it is? If you guessed a soft heart then you are correct! Now why am I showing you a picture of a soft heart you ask? Well because I haz one :D. I've been told I have a soft heart when it comes to reviews :) I really would argue with that but it is true.

I love to read, it is a passion of mine. Here on my blog I write honest yet uplifting reviews. I always mention what I don't like but I always spend extra time going over a book to find the good parts!

A lot of reviewers especially those who are in direct contact with the author, may have a problem where they like the author but hate the book. Yes I have been there, I had a very bad experience  some time ago with a review I had given to a book. Said book was not good at all, but I did mention that I liked the setting and  the emotions that the character portrayed in a certain scene where there was a very crude incident.

I went on further to say, that this certain book was not something I would suggest one would read if one has an aversion to violence (sexual and domestic) and bad language.....I posted this review and sent the link to the author....this person read my review and then with more finesse than was used in the entire book, they insulted my education my ethnicity and my country. (which thank you very much I am proud of!)

Well I did not reply because Ladies and Lads, I would never stoop that low. However the review I so kindly  gave four out of five to, when it deserved only one out of five, was removed from my meagre little blog (at that time only two followers, and I was still proud!) and it turned me off so much that this cookie did not post another review until just recently.

I say all of that to say this. If you are an author, please take the advice of some of the authors I've interviewed here on my blog, and take criticism with grace. Honestly some of the worlds most famous authors have been criticised and they have the grace to accept, that not everyone will swoon over there book. I will not take insults from you because I don't like your book and neither will any other serious reviewer.

This however is no excuse for a reviewer to bash a book, if a book was bad, say that it was and give your reason. There is no need to be overly insulting, and make statements about the authors personality.

I love this industry and someday I hope to be an author, I want people to read my book and give an honest review soft hearted or not. If you hate it yes it will hurt, but if I get pointers on things I could improve, I will be much better off for it.

So Ladies and Lads whoever you may be, author reviewer or reader in general. Feel free to express your self, your opinions and anything you feel passionate about, but for the sake of peace keep the animosity and hate out of it.




ShadyLane said...

Amen! lol peace and love.

Lady Unemployed said...

Yes, good for you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you guys!

Anonymous said...

A great post. I totally agree. I am the rare combination of an author who also writes reviews, and everytime I put my opinion out there, I am careful to word it in the way I would want it worded if the review were about my own book.

We need polite reviewers and polite authors. I too have been bashed by a disgruntled author - even though I tried to be very kind and helpful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the input Tahlia!

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