Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Diamond Caper: A Wonder Filled Mystery

Author: Leah Pugh
Genre: Mystery
Age Group: All Ages
Title: The Diamond Caper

This Cover was Illustrated by the author's little sister  by hand!

Blurb: Crystal is a young girl, a bookworm, and someone with a need for mystery and adventure, unfortunately for her she and her Irish American family live in a small town. After years of reading her favourite novels and nagging  the local police officer for mysteries to solve she finally gets her chance. 

Her town is popular for its jewels especially a large uncut diamond that resides in a museum. Soon Crystal will find clues that will lead her into adventure she will not soon forget.

My Views: I loved this book, I really enjoyed the concept the humour and the characters it was a really fun read and it did not give me any headaches. I believe the author was only fifteen years old when she wrote the book, if I'm right she is exceptionally proficient with the art of creative writing.

There were small almost non-existent grammatical errors which I think could be irradiated with some more editing. Overall it was an entertaining read and I really liked it! Even though I think it could use a bit more polishing.

My Rating: 4.5/5

Leah is a new Author, and hasn't given me all of her social media information, however when I do get it I promise to update this post.


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