Thursday, 7 June 2012

Perils Of The Newbie Blogger FOLLOWERS(#4 I think)

Hey! I haven't blogged for three days. :O

Followers Lolz

Greetings Lads and Ladies, I trust you've been having a wonderful week so far. I have been having an interesting on my self. I have discovered wonderful books and wonderful people and I have to say I am so very  happy about it. Today I want to talk about followers! yes I'm sure you all guessed as much. 
One thing that newbie bloggers need these days are followers, how else will people know that we are out there?  When I first started my blog last year, I had just finished watching a film that featured a lady who just wrote a blog and bam!! She had lots of followers. I soon figured out that no, it doesn't work that way in real life. For months my blog had two followers and both of them found me through my Goodreads page!

For newbie bloggers it can be discouraging not to see more followers when you check, and for me it was doubly so after the little incident I mentioned in my prior post. When I started to blog again Google was my friend. I Googled things like "book blog groups" and "I need more followers"  and things of that sort. 

I came across several different forums, to name a few, Making Connections group on Goodreads, Blog Lift group on Goodreads. Bookblogs.ning and just recently Bologaholic! If you are interested in joining you can find the buttons in the sidebar. Since then I can proudly say that I have a fair amount of followers on my blog and I hope to attract many more.

Now if you are a blogger,  you know that followers are only one slice out of the publicity cake, things like traffic will concern you as well. The internet is a huge place and let me tell you, you are reminded everyday how unimportant your blog is when you see the vastness that is the internet. 

Just recently a friend suggested that I see what my Google ranking is for my blog. Yip 0 zip nada ziltch. I was a little downed by that really nobody wants to be rated 0 in anything where a higher number is ideal. It made me feel bad, that is until I logged on to my blog and saw that the number of readers following my feed had grown from 46 to 76 overnight!

In my country most people are not as interested in books as I am. Yes they are some but I am somewhat of a junkie. I read everyday no exaggeration and those times when I couldn't afford books I went in search of free ones. I found the site Feedbooks where you can download free ebooks form authors. I'll tell you about what I discoverd there in a different post.So yes not many people from Barbados are into books like I am but I'm hoping to change that.

Now I have said that I can say this, If you are a newbie blogger and you want more followers, they are multitudes of people just like you all over the internet from countries all across this world. They want followers too, some of them will become your friends, some of them will not but most of them will follow you just so you will follow back!

Here is a tip, to those who have probably lost followers or your traffic has been low. If you don't post your readers have nothing to read. Imagine that  you are watching a film then all of  a sudden without warning it cuts off. That is how your readers feel when you don't post! 

Ahh I just love this!!!! Okay guys I'll say this as many times as necessary FOLLOW ME AND NOT ONLY WILL I  FOLLOW BACK, I'LL SPREAD THE WORD!!!. 

Thanks to all of my followers and readers you guys make me feel so special! 



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