Friday, 3 August 2012

Nightfall review and tourwide Giveaway

Author: PW Creighton
Genre: Psychological, Supernatural Thriller
Title: NIghtfall

Blurb: Three years after everyone important to Connor Maitland was murdered by a fanatical cult he is still attempting to put his life back together. Accompanied by his ex-girlfriend and business partner, Alison Herne, he is making a living as a jack-of-all-trades running a security company, sailing charters, and even photographing weddings out of Dolliber Cove, Massachusetts. Connor's world is finally coming back together until they find one of Alison's ghost hunter friends murdered.

When a childhood love he thought was dead, appears on his doorstep during their investigation, Connor is forced to confront memories he convinced himself were the delusions of a man deep into grief. They are being stalked by a mysterious man who appears to know far too many of their secrets. After Alison is almost killed confronting her occult past, it is impossible for Connor to deny the connection between the cases. Someone is attempting to end Connor's life and the lives of all those who surround him.

The crazed rantings of the murderous cult may be the key to his survival.

My Review: Wow what can I say from the start of this book I was at the edge of my seat. It was one of those books where you are not only the reader but you are the character.

There are emotional parts and parts where you may find yourself smiling. But don't get me wrong this book is a thriller and a very good one at that.

My Recommendation: This book is for anyone who enjoys this genre

My Rating: 5/5 roses


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Author Bio: Author of the Psychological, Supernatural Thriller Series Nightfall, Writer, adventurer, archaeologist, photographer, videographer, Tech-Geek, Investigator

Originally from California, PW moved frequently, living in many places including Vermont, Tennessee and currently New York where PW took his interest in adventure to college earning a Bachelors in Folklore Anthropology, Archaeology and Art Studio. After his work was displayed in gallery exhibits and television documentaries, he returned to college for his MSEd as a Communications Specialist in Media Production. Between rock climbing, sailing and investigations, there's barely enough time in the day but it's all a modern adventure.

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PW Creighton said...

Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Eventide is the sequel in edits at the moment. Look for it this fall. :-)

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