Saturday, 25 August 2012

Evolution: By Kelly Carrero Review

Author: Kelly Carrero
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Age Group: Teen+
Title: Evolution

Blurb: Jade Sommers should be dead, really there is no doubt about it, the impact of the car accident she was in alone should have killed her and if that didn't then the fire that followed would have definitely done the job. However someone needed to tell her body that, because as she watched it in the mirror it healed right before her eyes.
Jade's mind is riddled with thoughts of the impossible things that are suddenly happening to her. There is something wrong with her and she needs to hide it from her friends and family lest they find out she is a freak. Little does she know that she is no freak, no not at all. She is part of a higher race of humanity she has Evolved.

I will be perfectly honest with you, I requested this book from the author because the cover, and the title caught my attention. and wonder of wonders  I truly enjoyed it the story too. It is unique and the concept is fresh and enjoyable. They are a lot of good points and exciting scenes. The romance is good and the characters were fantastic.

The Grammar is spot on, and so is the syntax it is clear to see that the author and the editor(s) put in a great deal of work. A lot of people have had this concept or something similar, however  Kelly's story is unique.I love the way the story is told as well as the depth of feeling I get from our heroine Jade. I thought her reaction to everything was a realistic one unlike some of the books I've read, she deals with learning the things she dose in a way that maybe I would deal with them.

My recommendation: Don't miss out on a really good story. I know personally that the author has put all she can into this book and it is certainly worth reading!

My Rating: 5/5 Roses

Kelly Carrero is The Author of Evolution, a Mom and a blogger! You can find her at:

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