Thursday, 9 August 2012

"I read" Thursday's #1

Greetings lads and ladies, I know what your thinking, a segment Rosa will never commit to that.

Frankly you may be right but hey what can you do right? Anywhos today I thought it would be fun to tell you about the books I read for my own pleasure and enjoyment well the romance one's anyway! I thought long and hard about this (really I did it was a long, long minuet and I have concluded that the best way to share what romances I've read this month (the ones not reviewed here of course) is to put them in a list of ten counting down to the number one and best book I've read for the month.

So without further here is my top ten lists of romances I've read this week;

#1- This month I read a book called Slammed which is a very popular book on amazon! It was fantastic! Its about a boy a girl and poetry but trust me its so much more

#2-The book I mentioned in one has a sequel! It is a called Point of Retreat and is as good as the first!

#3-I read a book called easy also selling well on amazon it was nice!

#4- I read a book called bet me its a bit older but I loved it as the heroin was like me plus sized!

#5-I read a series called the Fool's Gold series by Susan Mallory and lately I've read All Summer Long which I think was the best installment in the series.

#6-I read a book called my life next door!!!! It was a gift and I loved it it was a really great read!

#7- I read a book called Wild Cats its a part of a series called shifters unbound that was fantastic too

#8- I read a book called indigo blue a book in the comanche moon series and I Loved it and can't wait to get my hands on comanche heart

#9- I read a book called the mayfair moon its a YA werewolf book that is passable.

#10-I read a book called the marriage bargain this one is also on the amazon top paid books list. It is very nice and I recommend it!

I hope you enjoyed that! Now tell me what have you read lately?


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