Sunday, 5 June 2011

Audio books rock!!!!!!

Hello alll!!!

Thank you Sandra for being my first follower !!!

Hello all as you know I love reading, and sometimes reading really puts me in a state of constant nothingness.

As in I do absolutely nothing but read all day!!!!!


I Have Found The Solution!!!

Yes I have discovered audio-books....

Not only are audio-books more convenient to um... listen to they are so absolutely the best things ever!!!!!!!

Okay okay I know I'll explain.

Audio-books are narrated books , and not that boring Nat-Geo biography narration nu-uh I mean these people who read get in to character and they make the book come to life. They practically become more than one character and they are really good at it!!!!

By no means however does this mean that I will stop reading actual books, but it will make some of my books easy to get through!!!!

here is an option go to and just get a sample you'll know exactly what I mean :D

 the continuation to my last blog will come soon so be patient !!!


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